Hummus – A vehicle for Raw Veggie Consumption

Experiment – Do Try this at Home With Your Children. Put a plate of carrots or celery in front of a child and they will barely notice it. Add a container of hummus, and the chances of them eating the carrots goes up 20%, celery 15%. Spend a few minutes mixing chick peas, olive oil, and a few other basic ingredients in a food processor and involve your child in making home made hummus and you will never believe what happens next. They will devour it, every last carrot stick. And *gasp* maybe even try a strip of red pepper, so long as they get to dip it into the hummus that they made (this could mean they press the button on the blender, mind you). Something magical happens when a child is involved in making food from scratch – both in the way they view the food and their propensity to try new foods. I did this with 5th graders and 8th graders today and didn’t have a single vegetable left after the cooking lesson. Try it – would love to hear your feedback too! Click here for a basic yet delicious hummus recipe to make with your kids at home…


eliot hummus

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