Lunch n Lacrosse

The 30 kids of Metro LAX lacrosse program at Chelsea High had a blast making smoothies, salads, dressing and eggs in a basket with Kids Cooking Green and Art of Healthy Eating today. Each teen had a chance to stop by various cooking stations and learn about the wholesome ingredients for the recipes and also help make it. I loved watching them concoct their own smoothie recipes from assorted frozen fruit yogurt and juice- they got really creative and seemed much more likely to try the drinks since they were in charge of making them!! 

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“Zoodles” – Low Carb, Vegan Gluten Free Noodles

Made from Zucchini, these low carb, vegan gluten free noodles have a place at the table for any discerning diner. Nutrient dense, high in fiber, and delicious – toss em up with an herb pesto, light tomato sauce, use in a stir-fry, or even just sauté with garlic and oil. Today we brought the Paderno spiralizer to the Charlestown Farmer’s Market and with generous produce donated from the new mobile market in town Fresh Truck, offered a demo and samples to all of our shoppers. 


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Hummus – A vehicle for Raw Veggie Consumption

Experiment – Do Try this at Home With Your Children. Put a plate of carrots or celery in front of a child and they will barely notice it. Add a container of hummus, and the chances of them eating the carrots goes up 20%, celery 15%. Spend a few minutes mixing chick peas, olive oil, and a few other basic ingredients in a food processor and involve your child in making home made hummus and you will never believe what happens next. They will devour it, every last carrot stick. And *gasp* maybe even try a strip of red pepper, so long as they get to dip it into the hummus that they made (this could mean they press the button on the blender, mind you). Something magical happens when a child is involved in making food from scratch – both in the way they view the food and their propensity to try new foods. I did this with 5th graders and 8th graders today and didn’t have a single vegetable left after the cooking lesson. Try it – would love to hear your feedback too! Click here for a basic yet delicious hummus recipe to make with your kids at home…


eliot hummus

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The Kids Menu- an Inpirational look at the future of nutrition in schools

Last night, a few fellow health nuts and I attended a screening for the latest documentary by the  Aussie health warrior Joe Cross at the Kendall Square theater in Cambridge, “The Kids Menu“. For an hour and a half, the audience was inspired by stories from across the country of educators, organizations, parents and children who were taking an active role in nutrition education and leading a healthy lifestyle. With over 60% of Americans now considered overweight/obese, and all the chronic diseases that are associated with carrying extra body weight (diabetes, cancer, heart disease just to name 3 of the 30 on the list) this is a public health crisis our society has never seen before. Our best defense against addressing, reversing, and preventing this epidemic is food, plain and simple. Joe Cross is an entertaining and genuine narrator, who during the film shares his own story of how being “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” (a previous documentary) had him tethered to multiple prescription meds and was woken up by the notion that diet and lifestyle could reverse the course of his life..armed with a juicer and pure motivation, he became a lean mean plant eating machine and today, travels around the world to share his story. The movie shared stories of hope and opportunity, with the spotlight on various schools from Coast to coast planting gardens, offering cooking and nutrition lessons, and embracing clean eating. The film is available April 1 for download and sharing with our respective communities- we are called by Mr. Cross to carry the torch and spread the good word…let’s join hands and contribute to the food revolution!!! 

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Eat the Rainbow Art Tiles

Eating the Rainbow is a message that we hear/share often, and as parents try to pass along to children the importance of this message in order to stay healthy and strong. Tough to make the message sink in when its been heard so many times, and it can fall on deaf ears.  We thought it would be fun to involve the Kindergarten Class at the Eliot Innovation School, where my children attend school in Boston’s North End, in an art project where they had a chance to paint their own individual art tiles with their favorite fruit or vegetable, and turn it into a permanent installation in their cafeteria. Not only was this project fun for them to participate in, but now they have a visual reminder every day when they are eating breakfast and lunch of the colorful bounty from mother nature that should be part of their daily diet. 


"Eat the Rainbow" Art Tiles at the Eliot Innovation School in Boston's North End

“Eat the Rainbow” Art Tiles at the Eliot Innovation School in Boston’s North End

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Edible snowmen at the Boston public market kitchen

Meet Lucas, the adorable, inquisitive, energetic three year who joined me along with his fabulous family from the North End to make delicious and healthy edible snowman food art in class yesterday at the Kitchen at Boston Public Market. Our class is a fun way to introduce your picky eater to trying more fruits and vegetables in a creative and effective environment. Lucas definitely enjoyed making his three different snowmen out of oranges, cauliflower, and seed butter/coconut oats blend. Join us next month as we make edible festive heart shaped snacks in the spirit of Valentiene’s Day!! 

edible snowmen

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Veggie turkey art

edible food art charlestown  Check out these all veggie turkeys edible food art snacks we made with the Kennedy Center this week! Carrots, celery, cucumbers and peppers made a fun and delicious snack when paired with hummus, and shaped like a turkey!! Special thanks to Whole Foods Market for generously donation all the produce. What makes this class special? Mainly…The kids gobbled up the produce! But add to that, eating the rainbow, using fine motor skills, exercising our creativity, and having fun too. 


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Healthy Food Art Lesson at the Eliot school 

I had the pleasure of making these delicious and healthy wicked witches with over 70 1st grade students at my daughter’s school today. Ingredients were avocado, lime, carrots pepper black bean and blue corn chips.  No junk, pure plant based nutrition that they gobbled up. Each child had a chance to help make the guacamole for the witch face, which included squeezing in some lime, sprinkling some sea salt and also mashing it up. They then assembled their festive witches with the remaining ingredients. “Cooking” as simple as this drives up a child’s interest in sampling new foods as this makes them feel more empowered and involved in the process. It is wonderful to see the impact this has on their likelihood to try and ultimately embrace fruits and vegetables. 


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