Rosanne Walsh is a passionate AADP board certified health coach living in Charlestown MA with her two daughters, Marlo and Lina. Through her practice she offers health education seminars, as well as nutrition consulting and cooking classes geared towards women and families in the Boston area. Her philosophy on nutrition is rooted in modern research on the microbiome as well as bioindividuality and favors a holistic approach, which incorporates integration of the mind, body and spirit for achieving lifestyle changes that maximize individual health, wellness and happiness. Through the non profit CAPE,  and generous support from Whole Foods and MGH/Spaulding funding, she also works with the Kennedy Center to offer a series of “edible art” classes designed to encourage children to eat more fruits and vegetables. Rosanne is currently pursuing a masters in Nutrition at Simmons College and can be reached at rosanne@artofhealthyeating.com.