Wellness in the Workplace

Giving talks at corporate events is such a powerful way to spread the word on how good nutrition can contribute positively to an employee’s health and well being and minimize sick days which ultimately leads to better productivity as well as boosting a company’s bottom line. Last week’s talk at the new Shoe.com headquarters in Charlestown event hosted by the Two Ten Foundation was a great turn out and an example of how much employees crave this type of info! The crowd was enthusiastic and receptive to the message – we dished on everything from secrets to optimal health and wellness, top nutrition myths revealed, quick easy healthy snacks on the go, and even had time to make one of my favorite dishes…sesame almond butter zucchini noodles…YUM..recipe here. I look forward to staying in touch with the audience to hear how they are moving forward on their wellness journeys. If you would like to arrange a seminar at your office reach out to HR, have them contact me!