The Kids Menu- an Inpirational look at the future of nutrition in schools

Last night, a few fellow health nuts and I attended a screening for the latest documentary by the  Aussie health warrior Joe Cross at the Kendall Square theater in Cambridge, “The Kids Menu“. For an hour and a half, the audience was inspired by stories from across the country of educators, organizations, parents and children who were taking an active role in nutrition education and leading a healthy lifestyle. With over 60% of Americans now considered overweight/obese, and all the chronic diseases that are associated with carrying extra body weight (diabetes, cancer, heart disease just to name 3 of the 30 on the list) this is a public health crisis our society has never seen before. Our best defense against addressing, reversing, and preventing this epidemic is food, plain and simple. Joe Cross is an entertaining and genuine narrator, who during the film shares his own story of how being “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” (a previous documentary) had him tethered to multiple prescription meds and was woken up by the notion that diet and lifestyle could reverse the course of his life..armed with a juicer and pure motivation, he became a lean mean plant eating machine and today, travels around the world to share his story. The movie shared stories of hope and opportunity, with the spotlight on various schools from Coast to coast planting gardens, offering cooking and nutrition lessons, and embracing clean eating. The film is available April 1 for download and sharing with our respective communities- we are called by Mr. Cross to carry the torch and spread the good word…let’s join hands and contribute to the food revolution!!!