Eat the Rainbow Art Tiles

Eating the Rainbow is a message that we hear/share often, and as parents try to pass along to children the importance of this message in order to stay healthy and strong. Tough to make the message sink in when its been heard so many times, and it can fall on deaf ears.  We thought it would be fun to involve the Kindergarten Class at the Eliot Innovation School, where my children attend school in Boston’s North End, in an art project where they had a chance to paint their own individual art tiles with their favorite fruit or vegetable, and turn it into a permanent installation in their cafeteria. Not only was this project fun for them to participate in, but now they have a visual reminder every day when they are eating breakfast and lunch of the colorful bounty from mother nature that should be part of their daily diet. 


"Eat the Rainbow" Art Tiles at the Eliot Innovation School in Boston's North End

“Eat the Rainbow” Art Tiles at the Eliot Innovation School in Boston’s North End